23 December 2008

We Are Ready

On Sunday morning (21-12-08), I was invited by a friend Datin Catherine Lai to the Official Opening of Aloka House @ Dana 1. It was a well organised and successful event, the Spiritual Director of Aloka Foundation Venerable Bhante Mahinda, is not only a good speaker but a MAN with visions. I was equally impressed by the power point presentation on Mitraville @ Mount Kinabalu.

It was a breezy Sunday, hundreds of devotees and followers were chanting, I don't understand but I saw the calmness on all faces. At the end of the function, Venerable Bhante Mahinda presented a souvenir to me and asked me to say a few words. I did not provide much help to the Foundation, yet was recognised for the few phone calls that I made to the relevant parties.

Today, I received a massage from Mr. CY Phang, it was faxed to MCA KJ division office. The message was a note of thanks for acting on his complain.

The support from the community will encourage us to work harder. Thank you, the recognation and note of thanks will keep us going. My team and I are ready, we are ready to listen to you, the VOICE of RAKYAT.

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