06 December 2008

I Love TUANKU, Your Royal Highness, Sultan of Selangor

I read TUANKU’s interview in The Star Newspaper, and later the translated version in Sin Chew Daily. Tuanku, we are glad, happy, proud and fortunate to have Your Royal Highness, TUANKU as our Ruler.

As reported in one of the columns of Sin Chew Daily, a 70 years old lady after reading your interview, words by words, she cannot contains her gratification and gratitude for Your Royal Highness, TUANKU. She requested the reporter to help her to present her birthday gift from her son to TUANKU as a token of appreciation. The reader, Madam Lau said, TUANKU’s words touch her as those are words that have been kept in her mind for years. Madam Lau, most Malaysians share the same feeling as you, and your concern on national issues set as an example for younger generations. I salute you.

TUANKU, You said ‘Malaysia belongs to all races, not just the Malays. The country is what it is today because of the contribution of all races and that is something we must acknowledge’. TUANKU, politicians have to learn from Your Royal Highness, they have to be groomed to be the best for the country and the nation.

TUANKU, Your comments enlightens our feeling! Thank You, Your Royal Highness enable us to feel that we are really in the same family!

TUANKU, “Happy Birthday”. Daulat Tunku! ! !

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