02 December 2008

Hi , Brother !

I read the Chinese newspaper this morning, and now I have just read the English newspaper, I have yet to read the BM newspaper.

I can't help not to feel sorry for an up and coming leaders like Brother Mukhriz. I can't understand how on earth You think that a single school system is the only way to check racial polarisation. Hi, Brother, Language is only a tool, it is the SPIRIT that we have to instill into the mind of our country folks, it is the POLITICIANS that have to be open minded and think like one and lets not talk NONSENSES !!

Hi, Brother, Malaysia is a beautiful country, resources plentiful, beautiful people, nice scenery, good weather, .................... But, our POLITICIANS are still ways below expections !

Hi, Brother, Why can't we think as Malaysians? I am from Chinese school, but not a bit I love this country less. I remember in school, my teachers taught us to be good citizens,respect our King, love our Malay friends ( I am from Kelantan ). My primary school teachers are Chinese educated, they part with us their knowledge and taught us all the good values of life. I have always love this country as much as You, hi, Brother, if not more.

Single school system or multi school systems are just system and approach, more important is the end result. Racial polarisation is caused by the teaching, then check the contents of the teaching and those who were given the task to teach !

Hi, Brother, let's work together and make this place a Heaven for everyone !

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  1. Language is just a method of human communication. Language cannot make us MUHIBAH.

    During my U days, Malays from East coast also cannot mixed with those from KL, even though all also from National School, speak Melayu and same Agama.

    In Thailand and Taiwan everyone speak the same language, but they still fight.

    But i still can recall during my secondary school day, where we Chinese from SJK Chinese and Malay all from SK, all mixed well, very Muhibah. We participate in sports as a team. We also help each other in study.Very good friend. No Problem.

    From young we Malaysian are very unite, but sad to say nowadays our politicians are using race issue to gain their popularity in their own party. So party leaders are wasting their time to talk on this issue.
    Nowadays during world economy crisis we are expecting our country leaders to discuss macro economic issue.

    We, Malaysian are proud of our multi-ethnicity. A nation that use Bahasa Malaysia as a main medium and yet many of us can speak other languages like Mandarin, Tamil and mother tongue.