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29 December 2009

Christmas is for everyone

Yesterday, I read an article "Christmas is for everyone" by Rusdi Mustapha in Malay Mail. It helps me to recall how I spent Chrismas with my children when they were young little kids.

First of all, my children and I are not Christians, but my Filipino maid is a Catholic. Initially, my maid and I will decorate the tree while my children happily helping with the decorative items. As my kids grow older, they help their "sister" decorate the tree; the "sister" has been with us for 12 years.

I have Christmas tree in my house for 3 reasons: 1st To let my maid feel at home and teach my kids to respect other's religion, 2nd The twinkle lights on Christmas tree help to create festival mood in the family, 3rd Decorating Christmas tree is a project lead by the maid and assist by the kids. The maid is a part of the family.

A comment posted to the article "Christmas is for everyone" : ....It reminds me of a story I heard 2weeks ago in Manado. My guide told me a story that the Indonesian PM visited a mosque there and an official made a request for a full grown pine tree, within the mosque to be chopped down, on the account that it is a christian tree! The PM asked when did the old pine tree convert to christianity?

The comment tickle me but also make me ponder : Why must oneself be so narrow minded? Why can't we respect each other? I have a WISH: Let's 2010 be a GOOD year for everyone.

(Article from Malay Mail)
SERI MENANTI: Christmas is for everyone!

Rusdi Mustapha
Monday, December 28th, 2009 11:05:00

ONCE upon a time, almost in the age of enlightenment in this country in the early 90s, I wrote in a newspaper column about roasting turkey for Christmas for friends.

The following week, I received a letter from a Pas Youth leader asking me to repent for I had deviated from the true path of Islam or so he had surmised just from what appeared to be my derring-do attitude for making a roast turkey dinner!

He said as roasting turkey has always been associated with the Christian religion, I, as a Muslim, should stick to “our own” traditional culinary delights (lemang, rendang?).

And that I had succumbed to Christian ideology which he claimed was so, so subtle, like roasting turkeys, and that Muslims would be easily influenced.

I sighed and laughed it off as being one of those quirks in life! This guy from Kelantan had probably never tasted roast turkey with cranberry sauce in his life, and yet he condemned the turkey as being heretic!

Like any other year, this year is no different when it comes to Dec 25; the world, and Malaysians included, celebrate Christmas. Like any other festival, it is celebrated in the true spirit of friendship, brotherhood, love and giving and most of all forgiving! And lots of turkey dinners, yum! And egg-nog, Christmas pudding and sweet potatoes!

Personally for me and my family, Christmas has always been a festival of happiness and a celebration of light.

From those days when we were in Canada and until now in Malaysia, except for this year, we have always had a small pine tree, namely a Douglas fir, in our living room that my wife and I, and our daughter when she was around, decorated.

Christmas in Canada was also fun. I had a lot of good memories, plus the snow AND the brutal wind-chill factor outside, and there will be a lot of presents under the tree for all of us.

Forget the religious connotations being associated with Christmas, this joyous celebration must be celebrated not only by Christians, but by Malaysians of all creed, colour and religion.

During my wandering days around the world, I had spent many Christmases with many groups, such as the most memorable one with a group of gypsies of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Here is the thing, gypsies are not even Christians and yet they find a reason to have fun. In their campsite they will make stew and they will be drinking a peculiar Greek drink called retsina, a type of wine that tastes like pine resin.

It tastes awful but after a while they forget the taste and start to spin and dance.

Come to think of it, I have celebrated Christmas with Ukrainians, Kurdish, Turkish, Indians, Albanians, Croatians, Chinese, Bosnians, Germans, Indonesians, Dutch, Slovaks and many, many more unique tribes of the world, and they all have one thing in common — they all celebrate Christmas with such joy, gusto and happiness!

It is a universal thing.

Did you know that the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat attended Christmas mass with his wife Seha who is a Catholic? In the Middle East, not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are also Arabs. They celebrate one another's religious celebration as Arabs. Even the sermon is in the Arabic language.

I have a good friend from Sarawak whose multi-religious family lives under one roof. As I know it, Evelyn and her sister Joyce are Christians, and the other three siblings are Muslims; they love one another and no religion can separate them. They live under the true concept of 1Family, no matter what their religion is.

I know I am rambling, but it takes a lot of energy writing this column, knowing three of my most important persons — my wife, my daughter and my grand-daughter — are celebrating Christmas with friends and relatives over in Canada.

For the record, my only granddaughter, she is 10 months old, celebrated her first Christmas on this Planet Water, in Canada with her grandma-uwan, her mummy and her daddy, and her daddy’s relatives and I can only imagine how joyous it must be, and sadly I am not there.

So here goes, Merry Christmas and may God or Allah, bless us all! Especially to my “keepers” and those I dearly love!

Enjoy reading !!


28 December 2009

Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Who is Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah? He is a 'prominent' Muslim convert, lecturing in the National Defence University.


Among so many converts in the country, why is he known as 'prominent' ? Well, this 'special' convert is more 'kiasu' than our neighouring 'kiasu' Singaporeans, more 'muslim' than most muslims. Many nights, he must has been dreaming and wishing that he is a born Muslim. When he becomes a convert, he is not only converted to the religion but trying hard to convert himself to race too. He is confused, he has mixed up religion and race. He may not even realised that because of his inferior complex, he is working hard to show his loyalty to his Muslim bosses, by accusing the non-Muslims of putting their own interests above that of the country’s. Hoping through stepping on others, he will be taken in as true Muslim.

Many a time,through his column in Mingguan Malaysia, he spoke as if he is an expert on religion and education. In his recent column, he puts forward 'a formula based on the racial and religious breakdown of the country’s 27 million population, to apportion the share of what is due to each community in terms of rights, festivities and celebrations, adding that no one should question the “social contract.” ' ( quote from Malaysian Insider)

Ridhuan TEE Abdullah, a Chinese Muslim convert( no matter how hard he can try, he can't take away his TEE), has to be corrected by another Malay Muslim Khalid Samad (Shah Alam MP), who said:“What he is doing is not right. As a Muslim, we want to emphasize that Islam teaches justice. Everyone has rights. We do not accept a rule where only one race’s rights are protected simply because they are the majority. We cannot deny the minority.”

I love this country as much as many other Malaysians, we did not doubt the special priviledges for Malays in the original social contract of the country. We also know that, as citizens of the country, it is our responsibility to contribute and build the country as our other brothers and sisters; and that we do.

I was talking to a friend from Sarawak, she is in her twenties, working in Shah Alam. Her father is a Malay Muslim, her mother was a Christian Dayak but has since converted. Her Dayak aunt married a Chinese, both are Christian staying in Petaling Jaya. She told me she will be going to her aunt's house during Christmas time and Chinese New Year. She enjoyed the rich cultures in her family. I was impressed and touched. Isn't that this is what we are working hard to achieve?

Tolerance and understanding has to be from all sides. So, TEE, if you cannot drop off your inferior complex, if you cannot accept where you come from(Chinese origin), you can as well stop writing and talking.

On the other hand, we may have to ignore him and do not be bothered by this "little man" (小人物). The more we talked about him, the more he is in the news. May be, this is the way he gets to be known! He wants to be noticed by the university authority or even political party!


26 December 2009


每逢过年过节总是要准备送礼迎接节日。2010年即将莅临,上纲随意收集标题当Welcome 2010 Bye-bye 2009 的礼品,应该是not a bad idea。

先声明,没有先后秩序,没有事件大小,只是随意拎拾,但却令人思绪万千。 不过,严冬既然降临,春暖花开应在前头。这些礼物,可以打开审查,也可原封送走,也可声色俱厉批判,或无眼睇!看官们,由你们决定。

1. 共同纲领反击民联不稳固指责 辩论欠缺自我批判沦为演讲秀

2. 除了引擎,战机部分零件也失窃 阿末扎希:偷引擎者是国家叛徒

3. 霹州变天最少涉13宪法争议 三名专家认同还政于民重选

4. 指民联无法夺取砂州政权 公正党砂州议员跳槽爱国党

5. 范清渊递表格正式加盟爱国党 宣称五百民政党员将追随跳槽

6. 国会提呈廿项回教课题动议 公正党居林议员再掀起争议

7. 寄居论主角阿末获提前恢复党籍 巫统欢迎,火箭抨击,民政拒评

8. 廖派质疑汇报会出席率重选诚意 周美芬:蔡细历当总会长我辞职

9. 为了遣送15万外劳回国 政府花费超过3千万令吉

10.南洋商报跌剩五万 陈嘉庚精神星洲鲸吞


12.斥涉自贸区弊案是诽谤及人格谋杀 家祥挑战交通部公布所有咨询报告

13.翁诗杰与部落客茶会畅谈党争 指廖派难筹足签名重选机会渺

14.为豆蔻村捍卫权益只身往伦敦 慕鲁卡不堪槟执法当局干扰身亡



20 December 2009

Merry Christmas 圣诞快乐


It has come to almost the last weeks of 2009, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who have in one way or another, encourage me and help me; and walk with me, enable me to continue my tasks. Thank you and I LOVE YOU !

To all Malaysians and Residents in Subang Jaya, USJ, Bandar Sunway, Seri Setia and all areas in Kelana Jaya Parliment Constituency, who celebrate Christmas:

To others, who do not celebrate Christmas:

圣诞快乐 新年进步

From: Ong Chong Swen 王锺璇


Penyelaras Parlimen Kelana Jaya

Ketua MCA Bahagian Kelana Jaya

Ketua Wanita MCA Bahagian Kelana Jaya

and 率领
MCA KJ Committe Members



15 December 2009

拿督林碧颜 PG Lim

拿督林碧颜,或是大家熟悉的P.G.Lim; 这2个月,共得了2个奖。她多年来默默的耕耘与付出,终在94高龄得到国家与华团的认同,替她高兴。前晚在NTV7的晚间新闻,看到她精神奕奕对采访记者说:" I am glad that I live long enough to be recognised." 虽94岁,但思维清晰反应敏捷; 对记者问及得奖感想,回答是一针见血。



昨晚,NTV7 新闻特辑有这么一句: "有人活着,但死了。有人死了,但活着"。这句太贴切了,和现况一比,许多人物的确活着但死了(尤其是政治人物例如许月凤); 但沈老却活生生的,不仅是在他至亲心中,会在所有认识他的人心中。

一位国宝级人物走了,在我们周围经历近百年建国建文的人物,都在随着岁月凋零。我想趁此介绍另一位我认为也属于国宝级人物: 拿督林碧颜,或是为人所熟悉的P.G.Lim。拿督P.G.Lim 出生在槟城的名门望族,现已将近九十高龄,是法律界里的响当当人物,曾担任槟城马华联委会主席的已故林建寿律师是她的弟弟。

当我还在大学时,就常听到学兄学姐提起P.G.Lim所辩护的一些案件,心中对她已有仰慕之心。之后,偶而在一些社交场合碰上,就聊几句,大部份时间是静默站一旁欣赏倾听偶像所言。有机会和拿督林碧颜深谈,是为了筹制'旗袍之约'晚宴中的一项多媒体节目: 大马华裔妇女话百年-贡献与成就。她的思维敏捷,词峰尖锐,年纪虽比我们大一截,思想话题却没有代沟。谈民族,谈政治,谈建国历史,有谈不完的课题,听不完的秘史。

喝着香甜的茶,听着标准的英语,看着优雅的姿态,三小时竟还意犹未尽 ,再另约相会。从此,每年就有几次结伴上山'朝圣',倾听这位国宝级人物对时势的看法。最近的一次'朝圣'是在农历新年前,拿督林碧颜风范依旧,思路清晰,我们共享一个愉快的下午茶约会。


新生代对拿督林碧颜相当陌生,大概只有在法律界的后辈偶而在参阅资料或从资深律师处得知这位华裔笫一位女律师; 但我们不可不知她在建国过程所扮演的角色。我国独立前后,充满活力的拿督林碧颜,对人生充满憧憬对国家充满理想,正处于她事业最有冲劲的时期; 对当时的国家宪法草拟有直接与间接的反映看法。


回国后,进入当时刚成立的经济协商咨询理事会; 讨论修正之前所拟的新经济政策,以符合当时的局势。根据曾和她同时被委入理事会的知交透露,拿督林碧颜在会议中每当面对极端份子歪曲独立契约与宣言,欲强行的政策乖离原意与精神时虽感到痛心,却毫不犹豫即时纠正。她的丰富知识及引经据典,理直气壮的使到那些欲在会议里发难者都知难而退。PG Lim虽受英文教育,发表的言论几乎全用英语,她的新闻也多出现在英文刊物和报章。但她对华社和华人在我国的地位不仅关心,至今也一直放在心上。

拿督林碧颜就像是一本百看不厌的百科全书,有挖掘不完的宝藏。尤其是谈到开国初期,草拟国家宪法,东姑阿都拉曼和数位联盟人士前往伦敦要求国家独立的谈判交涉过程,提及一些鲜为人知的事件。数次谈到激动时,对那些她不以为然的政客政棍,直接了当称他们为'走狗'。我能理解她有如此的反应,毕竟她是属于国家独立前那个动荡年代的知识份子。当时的知识份子,思想都较倾向社会主义完美主义,对事情的看法黑白分明,对原则把捏分毫不差; 而她更是毕业于世界闻名的英国剑桥大学法律系。坐着听她讲我国历史及分析时势,每回'朝圣'都有那么多故事听,让人痴迷 。

另一个令人对PG Lim感到陌生的原因是她为人相当低调,退休前后都少出席华社团体活动或宴席,因此在华社提到她的人不多。想多认识这位还在我们身边的国宝级人物,请参考大姐拿督林碧顏, The woman that is P.G. Lim 及挽救13死囚运动。

Datuk P.G.Lim, 你的坚定立场是我们学习的榜样!We love You!


13 December 2009


今天在星洲日报'大都会',看到雪州苏丹华诞封赐官民的一系列照片,其中三张照引人注意。第一张是邓章钦雪州州会议长头载宋谷身穿官服,与夫人并坐第一排; 坐第三排是刘天球夫妇,隔二张椅子是欧阳捍华。欧阳捍华头载宋谷身穿官服,与议长一样。至於刘天球这'人物',一如以往,喜悦悦头戴头巾身穿马来服。第二张则是刘天球夫妇及欧阳捍华的放大照; 第三张是雪州苏丹与行政议员合照,走眼就看不到刘天球,原来戴头巾矮小的他站在第二排站台,竟给站在雪州苏丹旁高头大马的王子遮剩头巾; 或许这能免他人非议他的穿着。

未当议员时的他,在党内已问题一篓篓; 当了行政议员后,党内党外州行政问题照旧一篓篓。看看他的大杰作:

1.未当官时横批直评马华议员戴宋谷穿马来服归顺; 当官后面不改色,一而再二穿传统马来装以示忠心。(前言不对后语,评前人'归顺'而自己归顺有超之无不及; 因从没想过会当行政议员。既然当了,即刻比其他同僚殷勤向友族显忠心。)


3.号召示威反政府像话吗?邓章钦讥刘天球很反对党。(惯骑在马背上,久当反对党; 现双脚落地,久没带队示威满身不自在。)


5.对悬而未决的首邦丽雅湖滨公园问题束手无策。(与民对话时竟如此表示: 如发展商能同时提升公园设备,要州政府付款购地是荒唐。)


他的'光荣史',三天三夜写不完。以上几宗,已足以让人对此'人物'另眼相看。行动党有此人物,林氏父子还宠容他当宝; 而民联有行动党的他,回教党的哈山阿里,公正党的佐克菲,'民联三愚'是民联的不幸。他们的'愚'算是在暗地里 '助'国阵,继续'愚'吧!


12 December 2009





















10 December 2009






人到老年,方才明白: 東奔西走竭力想去改變的不是別的,恰恰是他們自己。幾十年的時光換來的不是別的,而是 …心靜如水。


人到老年,能冷靜地去看待婚姻和家庭。他們知道 …世上沒有完全合乎男人心意的女人,也沒有完全合乎女人心意的男人。

人到老年,已懂得安慰自己:並且學會了在似乎無盡的黑暗中… 為自己點一盞希望的燈。






人到老年,不再有少年的狂妄、青年的浪漫,更人到老年,不再擁有童年的笑臉和青春的美麗,卻常常在 …午夜夢迴。多的則是對生活的 …感悟和理解。


人到老年,胸懷要開始變得像大海一樣,裝得下…四海風雲,容得下… 千古恩怨

看完上文,感觉常挂在一些人嘴中的'知足常乐',使多少人给自己理由,不需拼不需冲。我认为,我们应该为目前自己拥有的一切感到高兴与感恩;但不应满足。在激励角度来看,一旦满足,就不会再努力。不过,像文中所说:"做人也是一生的事業,只要自己奮鬥過、追求過,失敗了又何妨?"。重点在于"奮鬥過、追求過"; 在为自己设定目标时,不抢掠不设计他人,做个不是只要别人尊重的人,而是自己回头看时还认得自己是那位当初心怀为人为民的人。没错,'胸怀要裝得下…四海風雲,容得下… 千古恩怨'; 这样日子会过得,无畏无惧,快乐高兴。

在人生路途上,增广见识,吸收知识,积极人生,就不必等到'人到老年'才醒悟才有智慧。因为,很多时候,这醒悟带着多少坦然厌悔成份?这智慧又带着多少与世无争的药方?明哲保身,见机行事,依山傍水?太多的祖传秘方,还是做回自己吧。所以,从现在,从这刻,让我们勇于面对; 该做的就去做,别在要向这人间说'再见'时留下空白一页!别来这世间只是'曾来此一游',而是'绝不虚此行'!


07 December 2009


过去,对首相署部长纳兹里的印象一般,甚至有时觉得他的言论哗众取宠。然而,这回针对国家干训局课程的立场始终如一,令人括目相看。从宣布课程需要改进而和副部长交战,再面对副首相及其他同僚认为课程没问题,现在又和前前首相对上; 不单承认该局的课程确实在灌输种族主义思维,促同僚勿患否认症候群及有必要重新修订国家干训局课程。

做的不对要批评,做的好要赞扬; 纳兹里,你不认同同僚的胡扯及揭穿国家干训局的真面目,你的勇气值得佩服!希望你的同僚向你学习。

根据'当今大马'今天傍晚 7点29分的新闻说: 国家干训局掀起争议数年后,终于有一名国阵中央政府高官承认,该局的课程确实在灌输种族主义思维。这名高官即是巫统党籍的首相署部长纳兹里。他今午在国会走廊受询时,大方承认干训局在过去充满种族主义,所以如今才有必要重新修订其课程。






针对前首相马哈迪指干训局有效灌输爱国精神,所以无需修改课程的部落格贴文,纳兹里反讥说,马哈迪的言论总是前后不一,而且更是彻头彻尾的种族主义者。“当马哈迪还是首相时,他说我们必须以马来西亚人自居;当他不再是首相后,你可以看看马哈迪的部落格,真是该死的种族主义者(bloody racist)!”





06 December 2009


昨天下午听NTV7的5.30pm新闻, 让我发觉一个'有趣'但也'心酸'的现象。


接下来的最后几分钟,新闻专访前马华州议员赖观福。在访谈中,他说90年代马华没及时对展延新经济政策发言; 我们已经''了30年。。。

马来人说'让',华人说'让',印度人.......卡达山人........泰雅人.........独立52年了,我们不能互相包容,却一味谈忍让; 何时了呀!如此下去,建国时纯朴敦厚的独立宣言能否实现?深思吧!


04 December 2009




林冠英受促令郭庭源引咎辞职 刘嘉铭
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在 "藝術人生" 節目裡,主持人問一位有名望的來賓「40歲了怎麼還沒結婚」?來賓笑著說「沒有找到合適的」。 「想找一個什麼樣的呢?」


另一個是電視連續劇《康熙大帝》裡的康熙,後宮粉黛三千,他最愛的人是容妃。 他到容妃那裡最愛說的話就是「朕想和你說說話!」然後就國事家事地傾訴一番。到後來不得已廢棄容妃後,每每習慣使然,鬱悶時總要走到容妃宮前。但人去宮空,貴為千古大帝,連一個說話的人也沒有!

這兩個 成功人士 對愛人的要求都同樣能夠說說話而已!細細想來也就如此:你的事情再偉大,再轟轟烈烈,你也是一個人,一個有七情六慾的平凡的人。也貼心貼肺,知冷知熱,能深刻理解你的思想與情感的人在身邊,跟你交流,溝通。這樣,你就不至於孤單,寂寞希望有那麼一個。


那就找個你愛聊而興趣相投的人做伴吧。 拉住一個你時時刻刻、隨時隨地想跟她說、又有說不完的話的人的手,你就擁有了康熙都沒有的幸福!

是的,当你一有兴奋的事要与他人分享,当你面对生气的事要找人倾诉; 第一个浮现在你脑海中的名字,第一个你想找的人,第一个你想摇电话谈的人,那不只是你能找到的一個能隨時隨地与你聊天的人,而且是你最喜欢最舒服聊天的对象!如果你没有,请你尽早寻找一個能隨時隨地与你聊天的人。如果你有,而且不只一位,那恭喜你!


03 December 2009


今天在电邮里收到一位老友转来的文章。这对年轻人来说,学院里嘛嘛档找人谈天还不简单; 这篇文章学问太深,没有感受。 然而,对刚踏入四十或已进入中年者,有些话有些感受,或许已在心坎里敲几下。谨在此,和有同感的朋友共享转贴一文:





四十以後才明白:生活品質的優劣,完全取決於自己的心態。修饈美味,觥籌交錯間如果掩飾的是爾虞我詐,則遠不如“三五知己坐,淡茶話家常”來得可心。 如果高官厚褥卻窮于心智,惶于任途,就遠不如“采菊東籬下,悠然見南山”活的逍遙。

四十以後才明白:我們的伴侶看似平淡無奇,有些時候甚至難以忍受,其實歲月的年輪早已將彼此交融在一起了, 即使惡習俗性,也已成為自己生命的一部分。如果有一天你真的撕毀這不堪的婚姻,就會發現每撕一片都會連著自己的皮肉和筋骨。

四十以後才明白:我們對孩子溺愛就像高脂高糖一樣危害著他們的健康,我們害怕他們走彎路。我們擔心他們吃苦頭,我們憂慮他們經風雨。 我們全家人為他們搭起了大棚,然後呆呆地望著他們柔弱的發育。

四十以後才明白:對待父母再不可做薄養厚葬的傻事了, 他們那一輩子受的磨礪太多了,善待他們就是善待我們的良心。說起善待父母都很心疼錢的,但要動動腦筋事情就會圓滿的完成; 比如,可以去酒店訂一份極品燕窩湯,端回家告訴父母說是在小攤上買的2元一碗的銀耳湯,然後看著他們幸福的享用, 其實大多的時間他們根本就不需要你的榮華,每週問他們一個年輕時候的故事,然後聽著他們講完就很知足了。

四十以後才明白:職位只不過是一個杯子,而你的修養和品性才是杯中的尤物, 夜光杯中盛的未必就是葡萄美酒,也可能是一杯濁水, 粗瓷盞裏不見得就是白開水,很可能是泡的一盞極品龍井。 個中的品質全在自己的後天造化!!!


02 December 2009

Why do we SHOUT when ANGRY?

I received this article from a friend, would like to share with you, my friends:

One day, a professor asked his students 'Why do we SHOUT instead of speak when we are ANGRY?'

All the students thought for a while. One answered 'Because we lost our cool. That's why we SHOUT.'

Asked the professor again, 'But the person is just right next to you, why can't we talk softly but have to SHOUT?'

Everyone gave their opinions but none was accepted by the professor.

Lastly explained by the professor 'When we are ANGRY, our hearts drift apart. To mask the DISTANCE we felt, we instinctively SHOUT instead of speak so the other party can hear us.'

'But as we SHOUT, we get ANGRIER. And we felt we drift apart further. So we SHOUT even louder...'

'It is the opposite when we are in love. Not only we do not shout, we whisper into each other ears. Why?'

"This is because our hearts are very close, almost never apart. As our love deepen, we reach a state of communication, where there is no need for words."

'We understand each other well enough just by exchanging look,' concluded the professor.

'Therefore, when we are arguing, DO NOT speak words that will make our hearts drift apart. WAIT a few days. When you feel your hearts are no longer far apart, pick up the conversation and continue from there..


01 December 2009

KPI 在那里?Where is KPI?


首相署部长纳兹里的决定是正确的,只是负责掌管干训局另有他人; 会否因觉得纳兹里越权就唱反调?这时可不是意气用事,修定课程符合现时环境不容迟!副部长阿末玛士兰竟说"只要在讲座提及“一个大马”概念,在活动上播唱“一个大马”的主题曲就是改善课程。阿末玛士兰还说若讲师在60分钟的讲座上,只有1、2分钟离题,也不算是种族主义。若讲座上提及国家原则、建国过程及人口比例等,肯定会提到马来人的字眼。“但是,难道这又算是种族主义?” "




副部长:仅加入一个大马概念 李伟伦
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阿末玛士兰在国会走廊召开记者会说,干训局的课程没有重订(merombak),只是改善(menambah baik)而已。








询及干训局讲座是否有提到“马来霸权”(ketuanan melayu)的内容,他声称,若讲座上提及国家原则、建国过程及人口比例等,肯定会提到马来人的字眼。






以拿督哈山阿里20年后当上行政议员后的言谈与思维,可推想20年前他推行的所谓"提升土著与各族群的竞争能力,而采用激励方式鼓励土著向上"的课程是什么货色!!他本身就是争论性人物,难怪上过他干训课的公务员,多年来的工作表现及心态有待修正!提升竞争能力及鼓励向上应是针对个人能力成长的提升及鼓励开拓学习成功思维; 不是口口声声"牺牲"土著权利给与外来者,不是强调友胞贪得无厌,不是鼓吹憎恨强国,不是 。。。

记得2007年,所有雪州女县市议员,被邀请出席一个全天讲座,其中一位主讲者就是来自国家干训局。我对其他主讲者印象不深,但对这位来自国家干训局的主讲者,不仅印象至今记忆犹新,对其所言尚劳记不忘。不是因他是一位特出主讲者,而是他对美国对安华对华文独中对黄志明(当时因Negarakuku闹得沸腾扬扬)所发表的看法,令我震惊。之后,我连发短讯给数位州及中央领袖,反映我的看法; 同时也在州联委会汇报讲座的内容。

我至今尚保留当时所发出的短讯: "听了两小时国家干训局总监Dato Shugul Hamid Bin Abdullah讲的课,强制自己不发言真不容易。前半部的历史及社会契约当历史课听,后半部却歪论百出。为了攻击公正党,制造反美反外情绪; 为了解释五十年独立还得谈国民团结,怪责母语教育是障碍; 还说黄明志读了中文说独中文凭无价,那就不要读!似是而非的言论,竞让现场的部份妇女如痴如醉。身为干训局总监竟有如此思维!继续如此言论才是破坏国民团结国家进步!用了不少"牺牲"字眼来谈各族相处之道,似是而非; 还说他不是通过政策者,他只能建议。但他搞干训呀!"



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30 November 2009



从十一月十八日至二十七日,由于家里成员入院留医长住,许多活动都得搁一旁。至二十八日傍晚,才方便出席一个雪州区会主席的联谊聚餐。在去的路途中就收到一通媒体朋友的电话询查聚餐地点,吓了一跳; 接着到了聚餐地点又碰见数位媒体朋友。一个饭局,却让媒体忙翻天,难为了他们。

那天下午上纲时,正好看到《辣手杂志》报道银行户口冻结传闻。我一向直话直说,所以在餐桌上,有机会就连续问了几个问题; 事后也没向任何一位媒体朋友透露餐桌上的谈话。妙得是,昨天《南洋商报》就报载我发问的其中一个问题,不过,没列出是谁问。今天,一位朋友来电说在《辣手杂志》看到我发言; 连忙打开电脑一看,是有这回事;。然而,《南洋商报》没列名,《辣手杂志》转载却能列名,果然神通广大!转贴部份于下:

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28 November 2009

"My Views"1st Anniversary '忠言闲话'周年庆


Below was my first posting in my blog "My Views", it is a year now!!

28 November 2008

谢谢您,朋友 !




Posted by Chong Swen 钟璇 at 5:45 PM 0 comments

Friends, Thank you !

My website was first created in February 2008 with the help of Robert whom I owed to his continuous efforts even after the General Election in March.

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciations to Saw Ee, Eunice and Christine for their helps in getting the information ready and load to website; not forgetting Kwee Cheng and Eileen for reminding me to rejuvenate the website.

I am fortunate to have friends, comrades and many others who are always around to shower me with love and care, to support, to advise, and to keep me company through the journey of life. Thank YOU ! !

Please feel free to discuss any issues that will help to improve the party matters, the Kelana Jaya areas, the community and the country. Let’s work together to make this place a better place, a country that we will be proud of !

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From a person who hardly touch computer a year ago, to a person who read and write on computer everyday, it has becomes a part of my life.

Thank you to all my friends and comrades, you have help me to keep up with the world, and play a part in communicating and exchanging views with the rest.

It is a year now since I started a blog, so far only posted 168 articles, mainly in Chinese and some in English. Learning how to write especially in Chinese is not an easy task, but with determination and never say 'die' attitude; I crawl , I struggle, I tried, with encouragement I managed.


去年的今天,我不敢妄想有自己的部落和纲页,更不曾想过拿起笔来一写竟一年。这一年在'忠言闲话'陆续贴上168篇,这和马华多位著名多产部落客来说是小巫见大巫。然而,用一指功打英文字,手写板写中文字; 不简单,不容易,但我走过来了。我会继续写,我手写我心; 该讲就讲,以文会友。 请大家在我有需要时,继续给我协助与鼓励,谢谢。


25 November 2009



格拉那再也國會協調官王鍾璇指出,尊為我國歷史學家的邱家金竟然主觀認定華小生是抄襲專才,這對華小生是一種侮辱。她說,邱家金語不驚人死不休,他是修歷史而非修教育,但卻常以教育專才自居,並且最近常愛以華裔教授抨擊華教和華小,圖統一我國教育系統。王鍾璇认为邱教授如有建设性的建议来改善教育瓶颈,大家应都会开心接纳; 然而本身对华小教育过程不曾亲身体验,却在此以一点点知识叫嚣,完全不理会华小生的感受,对其言论感到极度不满。

也是馬華格拉那再也區會主席的她說,新加坡政府資政李光耀都有勇氣承認過去的教育政策的錯誤,但邱家金卻還在原地踏步,早前指 “華裔和印裔必須妥協,放棄華小和淡小,採用單一源流教育才是國家社會和平的出路。” 這番話仍言猶在耳,如今邱家金再次發表對華小生有侮辱,對社會有誤導性的言論,委實不該; 也对其一而再二对华教的 “极度关心” 言论感到纳闷及怀疑居心何在。

她說,華小除了著重學術表現,更關注校風學風,這才是可貴之處。許多名揚海外的華裔人才都是華小畢業生,他們在各領域的傑出表現證明了華文教育的成功。 ‘死读书,背死书’固然与现今教育系统有所差距,然而,她說,背乘法表、背詩詞只是一種教育方式,並不能被說為抄襲或死背。學生在吸收後,牢记在脑海,長大後可靈活使用,至今受益不淺。



19 November 2009



其实,很多事,只要以自已的处境去思考: 如果这样的事情发生在我身上,我会怎样处理。如果我要迈前,但步履蹒跚,我该怎么办。如果我有改革的理念,又要怎样去执行,我会如何落实。。。。。



08 November 2009







当了妈妈,牵儿女手天经地义; 牵得不亦乐乎。




06 November 2009



Editor 06-11-2009 13:17
[马华再开特大] 特别报道! 内政部长希山慕丁昨日与中文报总编辑会面,而大部份中文报的代表,都告知希山慕丁,华社要看到的是重选。






我感到很纳闷,为何中文报向内政部长希山慕丁告知华社要看到的是重选,华社说了吗?华社反映啦?308大选之后,媒体的报道多是华社不认为也不认同马华能代表华社; 有些人士甚至发表马华在族群心目中,已是可有可无的角色。有些更认为这次马华的乱局从一开始就是一出闹剧,甚至有建议收拾包裹'关门大吉'。既是如此,就让马华在现状自个儿'自生自灭'或'浴火重生'!

一直扮演中立独立的媒体人士,为何会在这时刻对马华目前情况如此'参与'?为何11月3日社论贬翁诗杰为有史来最糟的总会长?为何认为重选就能重建马华威信?为何不能给'大团结方案'一个试用期?为何 。。。。。。。。我想知道答案。

如引用魏家祥在今日'当今大马'的话,针对大马社会爱心基金会主席彭茂燊,他激动地说,"马华目前所面对的纷争是属于党内问题,因此,并不需要由非政府组织来评论。一个非政府组织若要干预政党的事情,那背后一定带有某些动机。" 不知这样的说话,是否也可在此引用。


03 November 2009




同时,在副首相丹斯里慕尤丁召见给与‘劝告’后,态度不但没有收敛,还大言不惭 ‘不会道歉’。如此嚣张态度,反映道歉文化不存在及不可一世心态,; 不仅对友党领袖不敬,对巫统署理主席的‘劝告’也当耳边风,真是在副首相丹斯里慕尤丁脸上扫一巴。

不过,为何一位巫统国会议员,能有如此 '熊胆' 不顾及友党党魁的身份而公开狠批?言之有理还可接受,有则改之,无则置之。然而,如观看当天国会巫统国会议员狠批情景,根本当你是小丑不是同僚。我们是否应该检讨一下,究竟马华和民政两党在国阵目前是什么地位?即使首相撑腰马华民政,这几位爱演爱闹的还是你讲我听没有。从这例子来评,第一,巫统议员不把你放在眼内。第二,大言不惭因背台强撑。第三,马华民政虽号称国阵里的老二老四,老大的小喽罗却比你大。 ,'劝告'不过是喝杯茶闲聊。

首相昨天也发表说,别管三两位经常发表沙文言论的巫统领袖,重要是国策对全民始终如一。即是如此,为何国阵容许及允许成员发表与国策相对言论?一而训诫都不成事,为何继续让他们上阵当议员发表 '倒米'言论?!难道准备让几位人士破坏首相的努力?难道巫统没有更好的人选取代,还是另有难言之隐?

这样的人民代议士,对国家课题闪烁其词对族群课题大摆沙文,对友党就‘大公无私’?在受‘训诫’ 后,还向媒体表达说 ‘你以为巫统及马来领袖只有资格向他人道歉’; 什么时候言论的发表竟又成为党及族的课题?你以为你是谁?如此歪论,马华格拉那再也区会主席王钟璇,吁请国阵党鞭及巫统纪律委员会必须对以上四人行为加以督促及警诫与处罚。


31 October 2009


简单事复杂化,似乎一而再而在家庭,社区,会馆,学校,政党,办事处 。。。发生。




在此转贴东方日报在2009年10月29日,'自我管理' 一栏刊登的这篇'是谁把事物复杂化?'。


第一位是环保专家,他的研究可拯救无数人们,使地球免于因环境污染而面临灭亡的厄运; 第二位是核专家,他有能力防止全球性的核战争,使地球免于陷入灭亡的绝境; 第三位是粮食专家,他能在不毛之地运用专业知识成功种植食物,使几千万人脱离因饥荒而亡的命运。




他的答案是: 将最胖的那位科学家丢出去


目前闹得沸沸扬扬的党事,简单化错综复杂事由。放下身段,搞清来由,舍去情怨; 往后推,究启端,察过程,得结论。


29 October 2009


今早在东方日报和星洲日报看了两则新闻,东方日报的大标题是 "轰搞垮自贸区 2议员促交长下台",星洲日报的大小标题是"指搞砸巴生港口自由区计划 邦莫达:翁应辞交"。不看则已,一看又是那专门在国会搞局的缡线人物邦莫达就火滚; 即不能在国会里与这2议员辩驳交涉,就在此发文告强烈表达不同意他们的狡言。




阿娄国会议员依斯迈哈欣说 ‘巴生自贸区原是一个有潜能的计划,也受到许多投资者的承认,它本来可以创造许多工作机会及财富 。京那马当岸国会议员邦莫达说 ‘巴生港口自由贸易区落到翁诗杰手上时,却将自贸区处理得一团’ ,他说翁诗杰应将此计划为国家带来利益,却 ‘搞炽热课题成带来混乱,搞砸了这个国家的计划’。






有没有资格担任内阁部长,更不是由一两位口不择言形象极差眼中心中只有利益的短视国会议员说了算。他们在自已选区工作表现如何,尚待衡量; 在此没有资格去衡量内阁部长的表现或撤换官职的权利!身为国阵份子,不维护同僚的努力,捍卫人民的利益,是不够格在国会发言!


28 October 2009


News from 'Star on-line'

Tuesday October 27, 2009

Azmin’s new role is no surprise

PETALING JAYA: Azmin Ali’s appointment as the new Federal Territory PKR chief does not come as a surprise at all, said Malaysian Indian United Party president Datuk K.S. Nallakarupan.

“It was made to keep him happy,” added Nallakarupan, formerly from PKR and once a close friend of party adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He added he just knew that when the vice-president was removed from his position as Sabah chief, a new post would be given to him.
Nallakarupan said Anwar could not afford to lose Azmin when asked to comment on Azmin’s appointment as FT chief, replacing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Mentri Besar. Sabahan Thamrin Zaini is the new Sabah chief.
Asked why he thought Anwar could not bear to lose Azmin, Nallakarupan reiterated that both shared a secret which he would reveal in time, unless Anwar or his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail let the cat out of the bag.
“Anwar is planning to sue me for defamation on certain things I mentioned in my previous ceramah. I will be waiting for that good day to tell all,” he said, adding that he understood Anwar’s character “inside and out” after being his friend for 30 years.

When I read the above news in STAR, I felt disgusted; not because 'Azmin Ali's appointment as the new Federal territory PKR chief', it doesn't bother me; but a person who claimed 'being a friend for 30 years', and trying to 'reiterate that both shared a secret which he would reveal in time, unless Anwar or his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail let the cat out of the bag.'

Imagine a friend for 30years, when the relationship turned sour due to reasons only the two of them know (so is this again going to be their secret waiting to be disclosed by another person?), Nallakarupan is all ready at any time any chance, to fire and shoot at the person who was once his close ally. Threatening to tell "a secret which he would reveal in time, unless .............let the cat out of the bag".

What is this? Love - Love = Hate ? Hate + Hate = Revenge ?

"It was made to keep him happy,” added Nallakarupan, formerly from PKR and once a close friend of party adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He added he just knew that when the vice-president was removed from his position as Sabah chief, a new post would be given to him.

Nallakarupan said Anwar could not afford to lose Azmin when asked to comment on Azmin’s appointment as FT chief, replacing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Mentri Besar. Sabahan Thamrin Zaini is the new Sabah chief.

The above paragraphs showed the grapes are so sour, Nallakarupan just has to hit at Anwar. When hatred covered the eyes and the heart, this happened ! A person can treat another known person worst than treating another stranger. The husband who poured acid and kill the wife in Penang is a typical case.

Asked why he thought Anwar could not bear to lose Azmin, “Anwar is planning to sue me for defamation on certain things I mentioned in my previous ceramah. I will be waiting for that good day to tell all,” he said, adding that he understood Anwar’s character “inside and out” after being his friend for 30 years.

Please imagine that your 30 years 'friend' said he know you "inside and Out" and talked to you that "I will be waiting for that good day to tell all," ? Isn't this a revealing of human weakness ? How cruel is the way to treat someone you once know ?

This is happening in PKR, talked about leaders, hit at leaders ? Is there any better in MCA ?


21 October 2009

How can ?


The following article is reposted from 'Malaysian Insider'. Every Malaysian, in one way or another, has been concerned and waiting for the outcome of the trial on Teoh Beng Hock. But the injuries reveal by the Thai pathologist is shocking. How on earth one can do that to another brother?

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 21 — Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand told the Coroner’s Court this morning that there was an 80 per cent probability that Teoh Beng Hock’s death was a homicide and not suicide, and suggested that some of his injuries were sustained before his fatal fall.

She said that Teoh’s injuries showed he could have been strangled and that he sustained anal penetration before he fell to his death earlier this year.

The stunning testimony made by the pathologist, who gained prominence from her work on identifying Tsunami victims and in the recent death of Hollywood star David Carradine, appeared to suggest Teoh was assaulted before his death.

Using a graphics presentation, she told the court that not all the injuries sustained by Teoh were consistent with that of a fall.

The skull fracture on Teoh’s head, she said, was not typical of an injury from a fall, but more compatible from blunt force applied directly to the skull. She also noted round marks on Teoh’s neck which could mean “manual strangulation” with fingers.

She said that her assessment was based on Teoh’s autopsy report and from photographs taken at the site where his body was found.

Dr Pornthip was engaged as an expert witness by the Selangor state government.

Earlier she told the court that she had conducted over 10,000 autopsies in her career, of which more than 100 dealt with fatal falls from high places.



以下新闻转贴自'当今大马'; 大家都在等,就如照片上所写" 赵明福坠楼身亡,请当局交代死因 "。然而,今天的报道,不仅让人惊憾,还使人无法置信; 长袖白衣黑布长裤的办事处人员,能下如此手?今日在庭上的报告,肯定再次在赵家亲人伤口撒盐。Oh, so sorry.


王德齐10月21日上午 10点57分


赵明福验尸庭今日续审,泰国法医普缇(Porntip Rojanasunan)做出惊人揭露,声称赵明福有80%的可能是遭到他杀,只有20%可能是死于自杀。

这项分析与我国法医早前在庭上的供证,完成相反。她也不同意其他法医,指赵明福是清醒的跳楼的说法。她在庭上以power point的呈现方式,逐一针对验尸照片做出解释。







20 October 2009

Kelana Jaya Charity Line Dance

On 17th October, a group of 400 ladies and men, happily dance to the tune of joy ! The blast sound of music has turn the ballroom of 3K Sports Comples in Subang jaya, into a dance hall ! Not only the participants have a good time; 20 kids from Compassion Home , for the first time able to have fun watching and dancing with the group.

I was invited by the organiser Sam & Grace Dance Group (USJ5) to officiate the function, and help to raise the fund together with the sale of tickets to a total sum of RM10,000/=. One could not help, not to be energised by the excitement shown by the participants once step into the hall.

Mr.George from Compassion Home received the cheque from Mr.Sam
Out of the so many teams participanted in the competition, 10 teams were judged to be the best. Champion goes to The Starlet, 1st and 2nd runner up are World Dancers and True line, the remaining 7 teams received consolation prizes.

The Starlet, Champion of Kelana Jaya Charity Line Dance Competition.



A group photography of 10 best teams together with Guests and Children from Compassion Home

The fun started as early as 10am in the morning until 5.30pm in the afternoon. On top of all excitement and fun, 25 lucky draw were picked from the tickets' number. The lucky recipients run to the stage with their friends' applause that rocked the hall.I am impressed and surprised by their energy level. I really hope we have the opportunity to continue to bring the community closer, build a "Kampung" in the city.

Below was the speech delivered by me for the above function:

Good Afternoon. Since today is Deepavali, I better say the only word that I know in Tamil “Vaniqum”. I would also take this opportunity to say Happy Deepavali to all my friends who celebrate this festival.

It is a rare occasion that we have 400 ladies and children, group under 1 roof in Subang Jaya, under the Kelana Jaya Parliament constituency, to enjoy line dance, to shower our love to the lovely kids from Compassion Home, and also join our Indian brothers and sisters to celebrate Deepavali. And, this is the special feature that one can find, only in Malaysia.

I have to take this opportunity to thank Sam & Grace, they have taken much initiative to learn and teach Line Dance in Subang Jaya & USJ for many years. With their enthusiasm and determination, we find ladies and men from all age groups and background, are able to dance gracefully and beautifully. I can even imagine how they dance in kitchen and sing in bathroom, practicing hard for this competition, to the amusement of their spouse and children and grandchildren.

I will now take this opportunity to introduce my friends from MCA, who keep me company since I took over the leadership of MCA Kelana Jaya Division as the only lady chair person in Selangor.

I have said this recently in Sunway Pyramid celebrating Malam Mesra Raya Tanglung. I would like to say it again. MCA has always been here, rain or shine, tsunami or not; we do not run away from our responsibilities as community and political leaders. We do not deserted our supporters, neither the residents. We are always around to stretch out our hands when possible. That is why when Sam and Grace Dance group share with me their idea about this charity line dance, I immediately response and said I will round up whatever you raised through the sale of tickets, to support not only this activity but the Compassion Home.
Whatever happened in last General Election, has made us aware that we have to work harder. We will not only work on local issues, but work even harder on issues that we and the Rakyat both cannot accept and tolerate. Give us a chance to prove that, we can be as good, if not better.

I understand from Amelia, Jenny and Ann, this Charity line dance is one of its first kind in Kelana Jaya. They have organized Mother Day Line Dance for past 5 years, in their favourite place Lakeview Club. But this is the first time they took up the challenge to organize in this big scale, they have many sleepless nights and so much of running to put this in place, let shower them with your warm applause.

I wish everyone have a good time, let your hair down, not your pants. I announce that the charity line dance is now officially opened. Thank you.


19 October 2009


成长 = 懂事 = 烦恼

成长不单只属于孩童年青人,更不是他们的专利品。 成人,不计年龄,在每段不同阶段的生命,也在成长。所以,都会面对不同成长阶段所带来的烦恼。然而,多少孩童不需烦的事,成人却得拿来烦,尤是争风吃醋争权夺利你欺我诈。


在学生时期,充满冲劲,充满理想。该做的去做,傻事也傻干; 不求回报,只求认同。却在这段日子,看着一位学生活跃份子,被另一位受尊重的学生领袖以'莫须有'罪名排在主流外。人生中首次目瞪口呆。

执教讲课时期,人事虽多,却少排挤中伤,最多三两句闲语。执教时,倾全力以塑造灵魂工程师为目标; 讲课时,尽全心敲动每位听者隐藏在内心深处对人生的欲望。即使有让耳根不清的闲言和不苟同的动作,牵动面不大,还能让人置之一笑。有时,还多一份鼓励。当然,学生不配合或设立目标追求业绩时,还是成长烦恼的开始。


邻国九十年代后期对同文同种的一系列逼害运动,引起深埋在内心的火花,开始参与政治工作。参与后,周围人物多类,有个人企图,有个人议程,有利益关系,有借你过桥,有爱团体生活,有认真学习,有以你为友,有以你为首,也有喜凑热闹,。。 谈政治谈理念谈争取公平施政,当然有但不多; 再次面临现实与理想的差距。前几类只能以第三只眼睛旁视,不能推心置腹用真心相对换来虚情假意,不然被计算吞噬还不自知。 后几类则欢笑相处共同合作,享有间隔时的分享理念合作真情,只有这些伙伴同志成为推动力。此时,如临深渊履薄冰,只期异中求同,寻找同类是成长烦恼的开始。






一是生活在自己的梦幻境,随时调动幻象合心水,过着'无忧无虑'的生活; 通常是拘禁于北方的兰慕丹精神院或南方的丹卑精神院。

二是横躺在六尺地底下,化为泥; 或是浓缩收藏在瓷瓮里,烧成灰。




没有烦恼只有问题,没有问题只有挑战!面对挑战克服挑战! 越战越勇!!


No Problems, Face Challenges ! Conquer Challenges !! YES!!!