28 November 2009

"My Views"1st Anniversary '忠言闲话'周年庆


Below was my first posting in my blog "My Views", it is a year now!!

28 November 2008

谢谢您,朋友 !




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Friends, Thank you !

My website was first created in February 2008 with the help of Robert whom I owed to his continuous efforts even after the General Election in March.

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciations to Saw Ee, Eunice and Christine for their helps in getting the information ready and load to website; not forgetting Kwee Cheng and Eileen for reminding me to rejuvenate the website.

I am fortunate to have friends, comrades and many others who are always around to shower me with love and care, to support, to advise, and to keep me company through the journey of life. Thank YOU ! !

Please feel free to discuss any issues that will help to improve the party matters, the Kelana Jaya areas, the community and the country. Let’s work together to make this place a better place, a country that we will be proud of !

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From a person who hardly touch computer a year ago, to a person who read and write on computer everyday, it has becomes a part of my life.

Thank you to all my friends and comrades, you have help me to keep up with the world, and play a part in communicating and exchanging views with the rest.

It is a year now since I started a blog, so far only posted 168 articles, mainly in Chinese and some in English. Learning how to write especially in Chinese is not an easy task, but with determination and never say 'die' attitude; I crawl , I struggle, I tried, with encouragement I managed.


去年的今天,我不敢妄想有自己的部落和纲页,更不曾想过拿起笔来一写竟一年。这一年在'忠言闲话'陆续贴上168篇,这和马华多位著名多产部落客来说是小巫见大巫。然而,用一指功打英文字,手写板写中文字; 不简单,不容易,但我走过来了。我会继续写,我手写我心; 该讲就讲,以文会友。 请大家在我有需要时,继续给我协助与鼓励,谢谢。



  1. T.C.T:



  2. 不知为何你的留言无法publish,我只好copy了再paste.

    我会继续努力,谢谢你, T.C.T。

  3. 这世上数我最牛:


    (留言同样无法publish,只好copy and paste)


  4. T.C.T has left a new comment on your post "Friends, Thank you !":

    锺 璇,
    今天的马华的党政事故, 你应该从中学习,多观察一些事故如,党政分家,法治应用, 中央集权,马华如何自立,党产分配, 人士分配,配合国政改革 等等。 你在翁诗杰身上可以看到以上的做法。机会不永远给你看到的。

  5. 有大家的关心与鼓励,我会努力!衷心感谢。