07 July 2009

Irena Sendler 艾丽娜-犹太孩儿之母



撒手西归。她的名字叫艾丽娜 ( Irena Sendler ),也被

许多人称为 '犹太孩儿的母亲' 或 '犹太儿的保护神'。


粹所为。 为了救那无数被德国纳粹关禁的犹太孩童,

她在华沙集中营( Warsaw Ghetto)当义工。




吠,闪去一旁; 就这样,艾丽娜成功把2500名孩童救出







An era comes to an end today (12th May 2008).

(此文转贴自uzar.wordpress.com/2008/05/12 irena - sendlerowa - dies)

Irena Sendlerowa, née Krzyżanowska, born July 15, 1910

in Otwock, near Warsaw, who saved more than 2,500

Jewish children during WWII, died at the age of 98.

She was known as the “Mother of all Jewish children”,

the “Saviour” or simply “Irena” by the thousands of

children who were pulled out of the Ghetto, hidden

or simply smuggled out of Warsaw during the horrors

of the Nazi Holocaust.

Her unwavering courage and unshakable determination

is a lesson to us all. Irena joined the Council for Aid to

Jews(Żegota) in 1942 and became the head of the

Children’sDivision. She got to work immediately

making regular tripsto the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto

to bring aid to the little ones.

Every time she entered the Ghetto, Irena would put

on a Starof David armband as a mark of solidarity with

the plight of the Jews.

Appalled by what she saw, Irena smuggled as many

Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto as she could,

knowing fullwell that this was their only hope of survival.

Those were did not die in the Ghetto were shipped out

and slaughtered in the Nazi concentration camp of

Treblinka. Irena had to endure brutal torture at the

hands of the Gestapo,when she was caught and

imprisoned in 1943.She was sentenced to death but

was miraculously savedby Żegota.

Rather thanbecome disheartened or frightened by

the brutality of the Nazis and her capture, she became

a more impassioned activist saving many, many more

children. Irena kept all the names and details of the

children shesaved on slips of paper. She was forced to

conceal and change the identities of all the Jewish she

saved in orderfor them to survive. Many returned to Irena

after the war to trace their roots and, if possible, their


She was recognised as Righteous Among the Nations by

the YadVashem in 1965 and nominated for the Nobel

Peace Prize in 2007. (the eventual winner was Al Gore).






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