01 September 2011



她说,当子文华小在2001年从瓜雪搬迁至梳邦再也,暂借首邦市SS19的SS17国小校舍上课,后在2003年搬入现址校舍; 参与迁校筹款建校至办校的情景,历久弥新尤在眼前。




王锺璇强调,爱子文者应以护校为主,存留历史; 不应因此事而让外来势力或有心人‘搞’校; 至於易名,解铃还须系铃人,子文华小董事部应尽早向教育部反映现状。

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  1. Dear Madam,

    Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah is a very kind and generous person, and he is very blessed and he could start a new school to name after his dad's name, his ability is so obvious as Sunway Monash and Sunway College are great examples of his capabilities.

    To change the name of this Chinese Primary School to his dad's name is a well intended appreciation but unfortunately is causing hurts to the founders and thousands of other donors whom had also contributed before, as well as those whom were graduated from this school, their senses of belongings with the old name of this school will be very sentimental to several of them.

    What if there is another possible greater donor within next 30 years, shall we also consider to change the name of school to the new greater donor?

    Nobody should be forgetful of the humble beginning of this school, and the sacrifices made by the people before this school was well supported by Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, and as I shared, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah is a very kind and generous person, he needs no additional feather to be added to his super cap!

    It is two different issues, this is not dragging Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah into this issue, the point is we could set wrong precedence for the names of many Chinese Primary Schools to be renamed after this case.

    Indeed, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the expenses to maintain this school plus additional development expenditures needed to fund this school, we have been wrong to beg for the money from the public who had already paid their taxes, that is why we had been unfairly treated for too long, and this is very wrong to add salt to the wounds we had endured for many years!

    I understood from Dato Lee's explanation reported in several newspapers today that he proposed to name the school so that the funds to operate the school will be met, and his good intentions should not be doubted, he must have tried very hard to raise the money to meet the demands and needs for all the expenses spent for the developments of the school, yet, we should also respect the opinions of the majority of different voices, especially those whom had expressed different views on this issue,

    Dato Lee should not indirectly challenge the people whom had different views but failed to come forward with millions of dollars now to settle the outstanding debts, instead, Dato Lee should have appealed the people to explore other better solutions than we stand firm on our points , assuming these kinds of generous people like Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah is really need to name the school after his dad's name, this can cause embarrassment to Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah and his family members too.

    The people who opposed the name of school to be renamed are not the culprits whom had caused the debts, and they are not responsible for the debts, it is the injustice and unfair administration of our taxes and public funds that caused this to happen, ie, the unfair distribution of provisions of money from Education Ministry is the the Truth, and those officials of the Ministry concerned should be answerable, not these people who opposed the move to rename this school!!

    May God's wisdoms be with all whom are implicated in this issue, and may Justice and Truth prevail soon!!

    Warmest regards,

    Peter Leow