21 December 2010

Happy Winter Solstice & Merry Christmas

It has come to the last 10 days of 2010, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who have in one way or another, encourage me and help me; walk with me, enable me to continue my tasks. Thank you and I LOVE YOU !

To all Malaysians and Residents in Subang Jaya, USJ, Bandar Sunway, Seri Setia and all areas in Kelana Jaya Parliment Constituency, who celebrate Winter Solstice and Christmas:

冬至进步 圣诞快乐

From: Ong Chong Swen 王锺璇

Penyelaras Parlimen Kelana Jaya

Ketua MCA Bahagian Kelana Jaya

Ketua Wanita MCA Bahagian Kelana Jaya

and 率领

MCA KJ Committe Members



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