22 September 2010

Yes, Nazri; Nah, LKS.

I have 6 years primary education in a Chinese primary school, then continued to take up Chinese language as POL (people own language) in secondary school. I used to read news or articles in Chinese, then picked up English news later. This habit of mine in fact let me have the opportunity to see and feel the different approach and sentiment of the same news written in both languages.

I would like to comment on Dato Seri Nazri’s stand on “We are Malaysians above all” in yesterday Malaysiakini Chinese version(“大马人优先有何问题?”纳兹里公开信反击前锋报), and pledged full support for his courage, guts and sensible views. I read the 16 comments selected and posted in the Malaysiakini English version('Yes, Nazri, we like your parting shot'), I couldn't be more agreeable to Imran Shah who said: "You can be proud of whatever roots you have. But when you are entrusted to be part of a government, you have to champion all your subjects fairly."

Dato Seri Nazri has made his stand clear and questioned Utusan's intention of making a fuss out of his statement. He has to brave through the wave and current to make the statement. At most of the time, it is more difficult to comment matters within the party or community, for you may be sideline as a different voice or taken as a traitor. Then compared to someone in the opposition, who can just blared blared blared, shit and mess around, clean his hands, fold up his arms and watch with a grin. What the Chinese said, " You die is your own matter, I watch the show."(你死你的事,我看戏。)People of right mind, will back Dato Seri Nazri to put thing in order without condition.

I read Lim Kit Siang's immediate response to Dato Seri Nazri's statement in the Chinese version, somehow, the same response written in the English version is not as in depth. Lim Kit Siang instead of helping to put the situation in order, backing Dato Seri Nazri and giving him the strength to face critics, is back to his old "Poking" game again. Lim Kit Siang on the pretext of supporting and praising Dato Seri Nazri, but using Dato Seri Nazri’s stand to challenge others. He is trying to put fire on every possible opportunity to create scene.

This is a “political fox”(政治狐狸)talking, what he wants to achieve through challenging others to resign? Will what he said better the situation? Help the country? Good for Malaysians? No, He has to make a lot of noise and using "Sun Tze" strategy to let Dato Seri Nazri shot down by own people (借刀杀人), talking about "Malaysians First" but aiming at other targets(声东击西); hopefully the situation do not improve, after all he does not need to provide solution. The messy the situation, the better the opportunity stand(乱世出英雄). He is worried that Dato Seri Nazri's statement is well received by the rakyat, he is even more worried that the rakyat will go back to the "Pendulum Theory" by giving the acceptable candidates of BN a chance.

Since his dream of becoming Chief Minister of Penang can only be achieved by his adorable son, now he has to make sure he steps onto Putra Jaya to achive his dream personally. He has to let everyone in BN to rot and can never afford to let BN any chance to repent or to revive. He will not allow anybody stand in his way, even if they are his own people; many were dropped in the history of his party even though they were well received by the rakyat then, what more if is from BN. Get rid of others, then only can he sustains the "market" for himself and his party.

I can not blame him, he is playing the game just like any other politician will do to survive, even at the expense of turbulence. But as a man who used to talk "great", would expect him to take the country's interst above personal interest. I used to respect him, even though I do not agreed with what he said at times. But as he get egotistic, just like his old pal Tun Mahatir, is always up to something, then enough is enough. Please put aside party political mileage, please do not play the issue as a political game and get everybody burnt.

My thought flow in the Chinese-educated way, struggling to make sense in my second language, as requested by some friends who wish to read in English.

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  1. Dear Madam Cheong

    Pls do not over worry, the so called "Pendulum Theory" will never be materialized as nowadays Malaysian has known better their right than the older generation. They will vote according to whichever can provide them the fairest condition as well as the betterment.

    May I ask, unfeignedly, When you point finger at LKS, are there any possibilities that those incumbent MCA ministers are actually playing the same maneuvers, i.e. paying lip service merely to shield their vested interest ? if so, would that be pot calling the kettle black ? Hence, what's the fuss ?

    Secondly, when you applauded the chivalrously outcry from UMNO's Nazri, I was just wondering, why I have never seen such gallant behavior, from any bigwig of MCA/ MIC/Gerakan/PPP ( whatsoever the so-called constitution parties in BN government )i.e. to rebuke UTUSAN openly & daringly, for those outrageously racist remarks made in the past & present, now & then ?

    Why never MCA seize the first move but rather to hide hehind UMNO to wait for white knight to save their ass ?

    I am puzzled, please enlighten me.

  2. It was quite some time that you have not drop by in "My Views"; thank you for your visit. When I posted my thought yesterday, I have expected I will received comments, glad that we can discussed professionally.

    First, I am not worried about "Pendulum Theory", whether it happened or not, it is usually the winning side (in this case, the party which wrested the power of few states)is more concerned.

    Secondly, I am speaking out the thought from my heart not from my lip, I am in no position to speak for others. Whether pot calling kettle black, this is the most common tactic used by whoever is in the oppostion; the readers will decide whether the remarks made any sense.

    Thirdly, as I have said in my Tanglung speech, we never denied that some of the previous leaders have not carried out their tasks to the expection of others; but again do not burden the present leaders because of the past leaders' incompetence. Let the present leaders the opportunity to walk out of the shadow. Taking myself as an example, I was never given any chance to speak out my thoughts before I was elected as Division Chairperson; the press may not cover my activities, no one bother about your stand, and there was no mean of expressing oneself through the latest mean of e-communication.

    Lastly, accepting that there are acceptable leaders either from BN or Pakatan, lop on one side will not bring any benefit to the country in long run.

  3. Dear Madam Ong,

    Not that I wish to highlight on infighting of MCA,but if you mentioned about competence, especially of ex and current ministers of MCA, I wonder what is the situation on PKFZ where a very high regarded MCA ex President had been charged for 'misleading' the cabinet under former PM Tun Dr Mahathir, we cannot discuss this as it is now in the court, but the fact remained that an issue is real, and for the very recent case of MCA car numbers, I am sad that current MOT and ex MOT are now showing the world of infighting of MCA as current MOT mentioned the case without really having read all the relevant document, not even show the courteousy to ask his 'senior' before his current post, and such issue had only made voters upset with MCA, and if you mentioned about competance of ex Ministers of MCA, on what basis you will measure and compare amongst them? I copied this report for your ease of reference, I felt MCA must show sincere respects amongst their own members, and if they are so arrogant to assume voters are not able to perceive the issues well, they will make another big blunder!