28 September 2010

Not an issue yet an issue

Today, I saw Chinese Newspapers posted & reported Chinese Leaders Of Keadilan in Malay costumes, including wearing songkok to attend Hari Raya Open House. I do not think there is any issue here, we have our National Malay leaders wearing Chinese shirts with trousers & Cheongsam to attend Chinese New Year Open House. Or wearing Indian costumes to attend Deepavali open house, or Kadazan costumes, Iban costumes, Dayak costumes etc. We Are 1 Family. What is the problem?

The problem was created over that past many years, thanks to the "good" work of DAP ! DAP claimed to be multi-racial, not representing Chinese interests, but never failed to "speak out" for Chinese and "eye" for Chinese densely populated area to contest for seats. DAP has taken every opportunity to "hantam" MCA leaders, especially when they attended functions with songkok. They painted MCA party as community defector & stired up the Chinese resentments. The Chinese community faced some short-comings in the national administration, tempted to buy their saying. MCA leaders were cornered, other community leaders were also concerned; tried hard to refrain from the "accusations" posted by the "great" DAP leaders, as none of the leaders wanted to be seen as community defector.

They were the opposition when they started the "poking" games, they never expected to rule the states, so they can say anything they like. But now DAP are eating their own "medicine", their Speaker & Exco members were in full Malay costumes with songkok in state assembly hall and other occassions, in the pretext to sustain in power. At the same time, they chose to close 2 eyes when their counterparts in Pakatan also came in full Malay costumes. Now, What say you? Why double triple standard ???



  1. 早年我对华人穿马来装也很不爽.这些年我对以前的想法感到惭愧.人应该相互尊重,习惯大家的习俗,庆典的时候一起欢乐,你吃我的食物,我穿你的服饰应该给予大大的鼓励.何况在马来西亚这样的多样化国家,大家更应该互相鼓励!

  2. 向日葵啊伯,久无音讯,甚念。