21 September 2010

Pesta Raya Tanglung 1 Malaysia (2)

MCA Kelana Jaya has always been around, rain or shine, tsunami or not; for the past years, we do not run away from our responsibilities as community and political leaders. We have been walking around to meet our supporters & residents, addressing issues & share views on nation building to our best in our capacity. Thank you to our counterparts in Barisan Nasional and other organisations, we are able to work closely in Kelana Jaya, thank you for your participation & cooperation.

We acknowledged that some of the previous leadership whether at local or national level had its shortcoming; we are aware that the leaders then, may not heard your voices or not done enough to your expectation. But, I appeal to you to give the new leaders rooms to improve; do not burden the present leaders with the incompetence of past leaders, and do not deter us from walking on the path to serve you better. Whatever happened 2 & half years ago, we have faced the difficult situations & that has made us more determine to work harder than the previous leaders.

Changes will happen when there is willingness to change from within & with the pressure groups from outside. Yes, give us a chance to prove to you our sincerity for changes, we can be as good, if not better. We will not only focus on local issues, but continue to voice our views on issues that are related to the welfare of all rakyat to the top leaders. Under the leadership of Perdana Menteri Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak, we will work towards a better country.


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