13 March 2010

An old & true FRIEND 挚友陈观田

You have left us on 9th March, 2010. It takes me days before I decided to write a few words, as I can't find the right words to express my thoughts.
I still remember, how often You & Foo dropby my house in Subang Jaya; You stayed in Kelang & Foo stayed in Kuala Lumpur, my house seemed to be the right meeting point for both of you. We talked about dreams, we pledged to work on our hopes, we laughed at silly mistakes, we went abroad to share not only American Dreams but Malaysian dreams, we ......... I remember how much we have worked & shared on the journey of sharing and building HOPES ! These are the fond memories that I will always cherish.


Chan, we MISS You !!


你庞大的安利纲络,给予家人最大的保障! 直销界的'我可以'典型模范

你,在Amway Malaysia, Amway 世界里,是一位人物!你是我们的骄傲


永在我心,想念你,Brother !


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  1. 永遠的上綫領導人,皇冠大使陳觀田先生,他是我們的楷模,永遠以他做我們的榜樣!