13 October 2009

SMS 短讯

已有一周,没在电脑萤幕前,我手写我心。一位朋友碰面时说: "上了你的部落几回,都没看到你写什么。" 看着她,尝试以微笑作答。这几天,只想静一静,沉思默虑,让心情沉淀。但,今早手机来了一则短讯,就转贴短讯好了。

This morning, while having my breakfast, a message came

in. It read :

" Mdm. Ong, say no to fresh election ...............................

We need strong leader like Ong Tee Keat that can stand up

to XXXX bullying way. EGM result does not represent

ordinary member view! "

As it is an unknown number, I decided to call back and find

out who is the person that send this message. He said he is

a resident of Subang Jaya, not active in politic but a

member of MCA. We talked for few minutes,he was

concerned about the result of EGM just like anyone.

It is touching to know that there are people around us,

care much about MCA and take the trouble to sms his

thoughts to me, a person he hardly know. I am speechless.

My neighbour also sent a message to me : " Public will be

disappointed with the lack of political courage to effect

change." I am speechless.

An old friend from University of Malaya sent this message :

" It's funny! What will happen to MCA ?" I am speechless.

一位非党员的女生寄以下短讯 : " 很遗憾的结果。马华不单与华社渐行渐远,简直是脱轨。" 我无言。

还有一位资深政治工作者传一个简单几字的短讯 : " 天要亡马华了 ..........." 我无言。

上届大选后,最常听人说"马华没有继续存在的价值"。然而,这次特大前后持续大版位的报道,电台以重点新闻不断播送,多人手机短讯不断接收发送,咖啡店电梯聚餐都在谈马华谈特大。这一切的一切,显示马华还是有市场; 有关无关人士,不管是关心还是当笑话,潜意识下都与六十年的马华结下不解之缘。


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