05 October 2009

Malam Mesra Raya Tanglung 与民共庆双佳节

以往在庆中秋节时,也曾放孔明灯,天空一片灿烂,煞是好看; 后因风向会导致火患及影响航机降陆而受禁。前几天,在双威广场庆'与民共庆双佳节',虽没放孔明灯,却进行一场非凡的提灯游行。一行人,在两家儿童之家的异族孩童陪同下,当然还有不少居民及旅客形成的提灯队伍,先在广场外巡游,天气出奇好。后进入冷气广场乘电动行人梯,再走上梯级返回广场外的舞台。全程一公里半,由两头醒狮引路,锣鼓喧天,把整个广场掀翻天。

原本想把当晚的讲稿贴上'忠言闲话', 却因巫统对友党的评语而不得不先说几句,到现在才有机会将当晚的讲词贴下:

Pertama sekali, saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima

kasih kepada semua penghuni di Kawasan Parlimen Kelana

Jaya. Your presence tonight make it a special night. This is

a night that we blend 2 cultures together, moon cakes with

ketupat, pelita with tanglung, silat dan wushu, Orang Melayu

dan Orang Tionghua, tidak lupa Kakak dan Abang dari

kaum India dan kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia Timur. What

we have seen here tonight, do not take it for granted, it is

the continuous efforts of our forefathers and present

leadership, that we have this beautiful place called


I would like to thank Puan Sri Susan Cheah, Mr. HC Chan

and Sunway Pyramid, without your supports, we will not be

able to organize tonight Malam Mesra Raya Tanglung in this

world class magnificent place. Mr. Chan & Puan Sri, we

wish to have your continuous supports in years to come.

Not forgetting Ministry of Information, Communication

& Culture, has generously supported tonight event. The

organizing committee, under the able leadership of Wong

Kok Ken, has worked for many weeks to make this a

memorable event, Thank you.

Saya juga ingin mengambil kesempatan mengucapkan

terimakasih di atas kehadiran Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat &

Datin Sri Jane Ong. You were with us last moon cake

festival at USJ Summits Shopping Complex, you came

to officiate our new MCA Division office November last

year, you were with us this February to witness our

Division committee members swearing-in ceremony.

You were also present in the LRT briefing and dialogue

on 25-07-09 at 3KSports Complex. With your tight

schedule, yet you always have Kelana Jaya at heart.

Thank you, Dato Sri.

MCA has always been here, rain or shine, tsunami

or not; we do not run away from our responsibilities

as community and political leaders. We do not deserted

our supporters, neither the residents after the last election.

Whatever happened in last election, has made us aware that

we have not heard enough, we know that we have to work

harder than before. Under the leadership of Dato Sri Najib

Tun Razak and Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat, we will not only work

on local issues, but work even harder on issues that we and

the Rakyat both cannot tolerate. Give us a chance to prove

that, we can be as good, if not better.

Before I end, let me share with you what I have written in

my blog for this special occasion: Poem and Pantun in 3


The Moon cake Festival
A Chinese tradition and culture
An auspicious occasion --
Coinciding with Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivity
A season of double joy.
In the spirit of 1 Malaysia,
A happy blend of 2 cultures
Gives us a shared sense of unity and harmony
Reminding us
That our forefathers arrived on this land
Worked hard to make this place our home.
Let's celebrate Raya Tanglung
Our Malaysian Spirit !








Anak Bulan terbitlah sudah

Aidil Fitri disambut meriah

Kueh Bulan enaknya juadah

Perayaan Tanglung berseri indah.

Menjunjung semangat 1 Malaysia

Berpadu Bermesra kita bersama

Jalinan 2 budaya mengeratkan kita

Kasih terjalin bak satu keluarga

Malaysia Cemerlang Malaysia Terbilang

Maju menempa sejarah sendiri

Cita-cita yang berhasrat keberhasilan

Masa depan kita dapat sambut lagi...

Selamat Menyambut Raya Tanglung semua …………
Terima Kasih


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