15 April 2009

Who chopped the cherry tree? 谁砍下那棵樱桃树?

I received an email yesterday, I have to admire the writer's imagination and creativity. Though I was informed that this mail has been in circulation for some times, I still like to share with people like me, who are new to e-materials and may not read it earlier.

昨天收到一则电邮,细看之下,不得不服作者的创意和联想功力; 虽后被告知这篇文章在去年下半年已开始传,不过,或许值得再转贴,以便让我与才开始看部落文章不久的人共享:

Legend has it that George Washington, America 's first president, chopped down a cherry tree in his youth. The story goes that George gives the tree a good swing and chops it down with an axe.

His father sees the damaged tree and asks his son if he knows who did the deed.

George is quoted as bravely admitting the truth: 'I can't tell a lie. Pa, you know I can't tell a lie. I did cut it with my axe.'

Below is a satire of how some Malaysian politicians circa 2008 may have reacted to the question:


Abdullah Ahmad Badawi 伯拉

'I did not cut down the tree, I was just taking a nap underneath it.'


Najib Razak 那吉

'I swear that I have never MET that tree.'


Hishammuddin Hussein Onn 希山幕汀

'...but I only own a keris, not axe, how to cut down the tree?'


Dr Mahathir Mohamad 马哈迪

'Apa nama cherry tree, yes, I chopped it down because I don't like the idea of Pak Lah sleeping under it.'

Chua Soi Lek 蔡细历

'Yes it was me, I resign as caretaker of this orchard.'


VK Lingam 林甘

'It could be me, it might have been me, but I don't think it's me.'


Anwar Ibrahim 安华

'I did NOT do it, and I am not giving any DNA sample for you to plant on the axe handle.'


Mohd Khir Toyo 多尔

'The new state government should just trim the grass and not waste time asking who cut the tree.'


Ahmad Said ( Terengganu MB )沙益

'I chopped it because cherry trees are more expensive to maintain than durian trees.'


Azalina Othman 阿莎丽娜

'The cherry tree is not included under my tourism MOU so I cut it down and besides there were unauthorised signboards put up around the tree.' (She is now out from Ministry of Tourism)


Shabery Cheek 沙比里

'I challenge you to a debate on tree cutting.'


S Samy Velu 沙米

'I chopped it because Hindraf members were using it as a meeting point.'


Wira Ali Rustam 阿里

'We have planted durian trees for 50 years and we will plant them for another 50 years. We do not need cheery trees, apple trees, pear trees and all these other foreign trees.'

'五十年来,我们种榴连树; 我们在未来五十年会继续种 。我们不需要樱桃树,苹果树,桃树和其他外国果树。'

Rais Yatim 莱士亚迪

'You must see the bigger picture. Ahmad Said said cherry trees are expensive to maintain. Ali Rustam said they are against our national identity. And I needed to test my new axe. So, you see, it is a WIN-WIN situation all around.


Sharir Samad 沙里尔

'I cut the tree because we could no longer afford to subsidise it.'


Karpal Singh 卡巴星

'The bigfoot creature did it.'


Bung Mokhtar 莫达

'The big monkey did it.'


Pandikar Amin Mulia 巴迪卡

'There is nothing in the standing orders against chopping cherry trees......Kinabatangan duduk! Bukit Gelugor duduk!

'没有国会条规反对砍樱花树... ..Kinabatangan坐下!Bukit Gelugor坐下!'

Khairy Jamaluddin 凯里

I did not do it, neither did the Mat Rempits. By the way, what's a cherry tree?'

'我没有,飘车党也没有. 不过,什么是樱桃树?

Lim Kit Siang 林吉祥

'Cherry tree also you don't know. You are an insult to Oxford !'

'你连樱桃树都不懂. 你是牛津大学的侮辱!'

Nazri Abdul Aziz 纳士利

'Racist, racist, racist! When we cut down durian trees nobody made a fuss. Now...'


Malaysian Citizens 马来西亚国民

'Oh for heavens sake! Somebody plant something before we all starve to death!'



  1. 明明留言了,却不见了,真奇怪!

  2. 欢迎你来访。你的留言不见了,还请你再留。TQ。

  3. 你们搞错了,热带地方没有樱桃树啦!

  4. 就是没樱桃树才知道'领袖'IQ拿几分。不然就请你在你家院子把樱桃榴连结种,创造新品种。

  5. 如果不是华盛顿手里还拿着那把釜头,他老爸早就一巴一巴醒过去!

  6. 或许是; 那么上面多位手上都没有斧头,除了一位手中有剑,不是早该'醒'多多?!谁是他们的老爸?

  7. 他们的老爸是谁我不懂,但肯定的大选到时我们人民不管什么种族会是他们的老板。