02 May 2012

Treats for Single Mothers

THE Kelana Jaya MCA is treating 40 single mothers to the charity premiere of The Lady at Sunway Pyramid tonight.

Its chairman Ong Chong Swen said she helped to arrange invitations for the multiracial group when she found out about the programme.

Women talk: Ong (in purple pants) talking to the group of ladies who are invited to attend the charity premiere.

The event is organised by the Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepeneur Association in collaboration with the Malaysian Chinese Women Leader Caucus, TGV Cinemas and Sunway Pyramid.

Datuk Michelle Yeoh, who plays Aung San Suu Kyi in the movie, will be present too. Ong said she admired Suu Kyi’s courage and determination. “She is a symbol of persistence. Both Suu Kyi and Yeoh are the pride of the women, and we have a lot to learn from them,” she said.

Ong, who is also the Kelana Jaya parliamentary liaison officer, hoped the movie would inspire the single mothers.

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