30 June 2011

That very Day

For past few days, and next few days, yellow shirts, red shirts ....... dominating the minds & talks of the town. Isn't that this scenes sound familiar, look familiar but happening in our neighbouring country for the past few years?

Our neighbour -- Thailand was leading and spearing for economic growth until Thatsin was overthrown. Since then, until today, the yellow and the red have not stopped going to the streets. Who cares about the economic growth of the country ? Who cares whether the political scene is what the Thais looking for ? Who cares the country is moving forward or backward ? Most important, the Yellow or the Red are concern is "Am I in command "!!

Now, in our homeland, focus and excitement on 1 side is on how to get to the streets, seems to be like having a game on the rugby field, charging to the pole trying to score.

The other side have to find all ways to block & prevent the team to reach the pole; this make that 1 side even more exciting & thrill, also finding all ways to break through the block. This goes on ................. until that very day.

On that very day, the scene on the streets, if it ever happen, will be like dog chase cat, cat chase rat, rat chase elephant ............

At the end of the day, after all the huh huh ha ha, getting all the attention in the nation & internationally, after all the exhaustion & excitement, life settled down, life goes on.

The initial cause of the day remain only on talk and paper; bottles, flyers, banners, and tons of rubbish on the ground.

Life goes on.

Mca Kelana Jaya likes this..

Moo Hoong: Of cause life will goes on, but what the government afraid of the rally?

Ong Chong Swen: If the rugby players have the match in rugby field, only the players & audience involved; no matter how they charged & pushed, kicked & threw, is within the field. The match will not disrupt the routine of others who are not involved in the match.

Moo Hoong: but we all are the audiences of the stadium, aren't us?

Ong Chong Swen: Yes & no; some like rugby, some like soccer, some prefer music, some prefer book. Only those who are interested in that particular sport, will be the audience.

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