01 April 2011

Why the Ban?

I can not understand, when there are many issues in the country & in the state, that need to look into; why pick on an issue that is not an issue at all?

Perak Fatwa Committee (http://islam.about.com/od/law/g/fatwa.htm) can help the non-muslim rakyat in the country & the state, to better understand the good religion values & teachings of Islam, help the muslims to understand other's cultures & values, motivate the rakyat to live in harmony .................. instead of stopping the followers to do this & that.

Some friends said to me, why you bother, does it affect you? My answer is: No, the ban does not affect me, anyway I do not know how to dance poco-poco; furthermore, I am not a Muslim, the ban does not affect me.

But, as a rakyat & community leader, I have to voice out my views as many of my ladies friends are poco-poco fans. It has been a hit among the people especially the ladies, it brings fun & joy when the group are performing; it also bring a group of strangers closer by participating.

Oh My God, my friends who are poco-poco fans, are as ardent to the beliefs. None after dancing poco-poco, trust GOD less; or take the dance as an offering, or even realise what it was claimed to contain Christian element; but more a social activity & excercise. The deputy minister in PM Department Dr.Mashita, has came out to make some clarification. (http://www.laksou.com/?m=nation_more&id=7789)

If we take in the reason of banning because of Christian value, I have to emphasize here that neither am I a Christian, then the Qi Gong & Tai Chi that have been practiced by all races in the country, can be branded as contained Buddhist elements since some started from monastery? The line dance that has been a hit for past 10 years ................... can find a reason to stop ?

Aren't we have more important matters to look into? Why can't we focus & help our PM to make this a better place for every one? Why are we stopping the rakyat from mingling freely through some common activities? Isn't this is what we are looking forward to achieve in 1 Malaysia spirit? Why some community leaders have to make matters tough for PM to achieve his goals & dreams ?

We have been commenting how PAS as a ruling party, enforcing rules in Kelantan & Kedah, ignoring the effects that casted on the people. Though Fatwa council is an independent body, but it has always appeared to the public that it is still very much attached to government policy.

Now, may we ask, is PAS & Fatwa tried to compete with each other, who is more islamic than the other? Is it through the banning & implementation of inconsiderate acts, will bring in more support? Will the people be more religious & practice more good values through the act of banning? Read the following comments from various leaders:

There are few ways to encourage people to follow the teachings: 1. Motivate them to be good 2. Instil fear into the mind 3. Using force to enforce . So, which method is being used now? Where are we heading?

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  1. 酱叫他们住在石洞里不就好咯吗?