20 April 2011

Reply to an email

Today I received 1 email from Aktif Sentul:

"one of your flier drop into my postbox.

if you people have brains, read the article(attached below) at least 3 times, and get meaning. You may then understand why so many that you claimed to represent wanted so much to pour shit on you."

After reading the mail & the attached article which 'fired' MCA in general, I replied:

Mr. Aktif Sentul,

Received your mail.

I sent the letter to say ‘hi’ as I wish to keep in touch & heard the voices of the people. I was elected to lead MCA Kelana Jaya in last party election, I should have sent the letter earlier but I only received the complete list of addresses end of last year. With the help of volunteers from the division, I managed to send out letter in batches after Chinese New Year, one is sent to you.

I understand your frustration, I was a student leader in campus, I remained anti-establishment & was a couch politician for many years. But, after some years, I know sitting on couch commenting without participation remained commenting. I believe ‘change’ can happen when there are ‘pressure’ from outside & ‘cooperation’ from within.

I’m not asking for your support, but do give benefit of doubt, there are some leaders here giving their best to help. Do go to my blog, face book & website; I only want you to know that being a different voice in Barisan is not an easy task, it is tougher than shouting from the other side.

A word of encouragement, will help us to walk further, even though knowing it is such a rough & uneven path.


Ong Chong Swen
Division Chairman, MCA Kelana Jaya
Penyelaras Parlimen Kelana Jaya

Mind beyond Repair

I now realised that the blockage in some people's mind is beyond any human help.

I was trying to be polite to reply his mail, even knowing that it may be a waste of time, yet Aktif Sentul's behaviour is beyond reasoning. Is this the culture of today man? Is this furious attitude cultivated by the trend?

Why is Aktif Sentul think that by reply his mail is 'brave' ? May be he is always lonely, may be he seldom received response, may be he always chiselled off others !!

I decided not to answer him any more as he reserved no reply; but for the benefit of others to read, I posted his email in face book & now in my blog. I know, while there are many who act like hooligan, equally there are many sensible well manner persons around. Read & judge for yourself, 1 who act like dirt will be treat as dirt.

"huh, brave enought to reply.

1) people of that "gang" betrayed us. you are not the first one and will not be the last either, more oppourtunists are waiting .

Q;, what make do you think you can be different? even now you are singing the same old tune. (dont you relealized people are not listening ).more than 50 years and more than 3 generations have been cheated and lied. Please, stop looking to easy street and get a honest living. By then your parents will be proud of you.

I challenge you to ask your parents/ grants/relatives. Look into their eyes, close your ears and the answer is clearly front.you may seen tears .( pls report )

2) you ask us to visit your web.

through the long road travelled, a preacher mentioned the same and added that there are many more who can enlighten .

Answer : not only thousands ,even ban ban sing the same tune, Bring in the gods.
Who are you among the crooks in that sty.

3) they say offence is better . you dared not answer/ address the author( of article ) but try to offer shit.

4) naive if you continue BUT can be usefull when time comes. ARe you prepared to make "like noises" in your U days and just before the election, bring your group to the opposition. Sound familiar. you may get a seat beside the Buddha.

Why a honest job needed.

you maybe idealist at U but now got sai -so ( got the meaning). Influenced is mild. The worst happened when the head swell when a post comes along. The "gap" then open wider, and alas it need money; but where is the money-- corruption or extortion is the easy street.

Now your hind legs are in peoples hand. TRUE ?

by the way, you cannot find my name in any politicle parties. want to challenge?

If you think this is the only opinion, pls ignore. sorry for the offence."

So, with people like Aktif Sentul around, who know only how to comment, oppose & ridicule, contribute nothing to help the situation, will situation improve? Refuse to discuss issues with basic respect & manner, work out the differences to achieve common goals (异中求同), where can we head to?!

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