22 April 2011

Another email

As I mentioned in my previous posting, that there are equally many sensible warm hearted well mannered persons, I would like to post this email which I received after I sent out the letters to members of MCA Kelana Jaya.

Dear Ong Chong Swen,

My name is xxxxxxxx, I stay at USJ x, HP 016976xxxxx.

Let me share with you something.

In 2005, I register as a mca youth at Lee Xxx Xxxx office in kelana jaya. In the application form, I stated that i wanted to be active in mca youth. Nobody call me or follow up until today and first time i received your letter. Perhaps the previous xxxx or his asst is busy or overlook.The xxxx even came to my church at USJ x Hxxxxxxx Pxxxxx Xxxxxxxx at that time.

I am very suprised,disappointed or angry when i received your letter today.

By the way i also have a OKU son who is now 15 yrs. At that time i even ask his PA to get his signature of support for my 2nd son to enrol in wawasan chinese school, that doesnt work, they send him to sungai way chinese school. We decided to forget it. He end up at Sekolah Kebangsaan USJx. Today he is already in form 1 at Sekolah Menengah USJx.

I did realised you did a good job. Anyway, thank you if you are reading my msgs.

Thank You and God Bless You,


Xxxxxxx, Xxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxx & Xxxx Teoh.

I replied:

Dear Sxxxxxx,

I am so glad to receive your message. I wish I can reach all the members earlier, but I only receive the complete list of members' address end of last year.

I was tied up during year end festival & new year, meeting residents & attending functions. I managed, with the help of committe members recently, to send out letters to members in batches.

Please drop in my office on xxth evening, it is my service night; or any other tuesday evening when you are free to drop in to say 'hi'.


Ong Chong Swen

I realised that there are many members out there waiting for some forms of communication; I will not stop here but find all ways & means to reach the members & non-members too. While I am finding the ways to reach you, all of you who happened to read this posting, appreciate that you contact me.

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