03 June 2010

A Malaysian Abroad

曾听说: "那儿有海水,那儿就有中国人"。我想说: "那儿有机会,那儿就有大马人"。

When I transit at Taipei recently, my Malaysian friends came to hotel to meet up with us. When I moved around in US, I bounced into Malaysians often enough for me to think that, there is a sizeable Malaysian population in US.

One Malaysian, who has studied in Canada & US, stayed on to pursuit his dreams. He is now the interior lifestyle ateliar in Mahattan, New York.


M a n h a t t a n m e e t s M a l a y s i a

Christopher Ong’s design philosophy has always embraced the contemporary living with the graciousness of tradition, tempered by his singular East-meets-West experience. The Ong style – Harmony, Simplicity and Elegance.

From Malaysia to Manhattan, Christopher Ong’s journey has brought him into contact with a rich diversity of cultures and sensibilities. The result is Metro-Style, a customized fusion of modern and traditional ulticultural motifs that perfectly complement the modern urban habitat in Mahattan, New York. http://2020chrisong.blogspot.com/

He has a nice & tastefully decorated home in Mahattan.



The "East meet West" & "West meet East", make this a unique home.

Brother, keep up your good work.


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