13 February 2010

Patience Has It's Limits (1)

On Thursday (11-02-10) morning, I had a Press Conference at my USJ1 office. I wish that the purpose of the PC was on constructive and positive matters, however, it was held because our Chinese New Year Greeting banners were taken down by MPSJ enforcement officers, on the instructions of a few Pakatan Councillors.

Ever since the last General Election, I have not played the role of an active opposition in the kawasan. I felt that the Pakatan representatives should be given space to learn and to carry out their tasks, for the benefit of the rakyat and the country. But, some of these Pakatan representatives, especially the new comers, were just too anxious to find fault with the previous government, instead of spending more time to familiarize themselves with their new jobs. Bombarding the BN government became their prime task, putting forward beneficial policies or services became secondary. Even though they have taken over the state, there still exists this "opposition mentality". I suppose that opposing is much easier than governing.

My team and I, have accepted the decision of the voters in last General Election. Even though we face bombardment and ridicule from some people, we continue our work in the community, as the rakyat is our concern. We take interest on issues whether local or national, we comment and give constructive suggestions, whether through the press or on my blog. In the last 2 years, we have encountered various uncalled for remarks and sometimes even unfair treatment, we have chosen to ignore or laugh them of, because we know that the elite community here deserved a good cultured political atmosphere.

But patience has it's limits. When we tried to put up the Christmas & 2010 New Year banners, our Ketua Pemuda cum Penyelaras Dun Subang Jaya, Lee You Hin went to MPSJ to apply for the necessary permits. However, each time Lee met the Pegawai lesen, he received the same answer: " Ahli Majlis ta'bagi, saya di tengah, susahlah." We had the banners ready for more than a week, but still could not obtain the permit stickers. We took the risks and finally put up the Christmas Greeting banners on 23rd December 2009 , just 2 days before Christmas. But days before 01-01-10, 2 of the banners disappeared.

I found out from other organisations that they have never encounter any difficulty in obtaining their permit, either applying before or after putting up their banners. We made 5 Chinese New Year Greeting banners, they were ready on Friday(05-01-10) evening, we planned to apply for the necessary permit on Monday(08-01-10) morning. However, our Division Secretary Gan Min Foo informed me that the volunteers were free on Saturday(06-01-10) afternoon to put up the banners and we did. On the same night at around 8.30pm, I received a call from a friend asking me whether I knew that 1 of Adun Subang Jaya's Chinese New Year Open House banner was missing, and that my banner was on the same pedestrian bridge. Later that night, I received yet another sms enquiring about the same matter. I called up my Secretary and was assured by him that they had nothing to do with the loss of the Adun's banner. And we both agreed that, the guys may not be the smartest, but neither are they so stupid as to remove some other's banner whilst putting up their own, in the same area.

On Monday (09-02-10) morning, my Secretary informed me that he received a call from the Police to enquire about the loss of Adun's banner, at about the same time we noticed that our banner on the SS18 pedestrian bridge also disappeared. Just before our Ketua Pemuda went to MPSJ to submit the application for the permit, we were informed that 3 other banners had also gone missing, in total, 4 banners disappeared. After a few phone calls, we were told that 1 of Adun's PA made a police report on the loss of her banner, and the Ahli Majlis from Pakatan have instructed MPSJ enforcement officers to take down our Chinese New Year Greeting banners.

The process of applying for permits normally takes about an hour or two, but it took us from the 8th till the 10th even after many calls to various sources. The permits may still not be issued if not because of calls to the YDP who was on sick leave, the Majlis Setiausaha was most helpful to sign on our application form. I understand that the Ahli Majlis had to hold a special meeting at 2.15pm to discuss our application. We had to pay for the permit which would normally last for 30 days but was given for only 19 days, and the permits come with some restrictive conditions. This is abuse of power !!!
(to be continued)

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