15 July 2010


I was invited to participate in a brainstorming session, sometime in July last year.

While preparing for the session, I asked myself 'What do I want?' as a citizen of this country; and at the same time tried to think like a person on the street, visualised and imagined the " Land of Shangarila" in everyone's mind.

However, at the end the session never took off, my 'thoughts' was 'sleeping' in the drawer since then. Recently, I came across the note I wrote a year ago, decided to post it in "My Views".

Physical Aspect
1. Efficient public transportation, i.e. buses, monorail, LRT, BRT, bullet train etc. Then, having a car will be an option and not a necessity.

2. Efficient housing schemes and programmes, cut down red tape to make houses cheaper and affordable.

3. Introduces a programme to “green” its cities and towns, like the parks & recycle programmes in US; and support “fair price shops” to sell affordable basic foods to poor people, especially urban poor.

4. Affordable health care and quality public hospitals, synchronize programmes of various ministries to create “Healthy Cities” and “Healthy Communities”.

5.Lower costs of living ie. lower monthly car and house instalments, & daily expenses.

6. Introduces Minimum Wage to reduce unemployment, attract locals to take up manual jobs and less dependent on foreign labour.

7. If privatisation can not cut overhead expenses, provided better rate & tariff; then nationalizes road-toll, water, power and sanitation companies.

8. Introduces quality public education, not only paper-chase but character and career building. An apprentice system for the low academic performers, put their talents in the right place so they do not go to the street. Those who continue to tertiary education will study courses they so desire, adequately prepares them to contribute to the nation and compete globally.

Emotional Aspect
1. Safe environment: No fear of being robbed or houses being broken into & able to walk on the streets freely, without have to worry about snatched handbag .

2. Helps for the poor of all ethnic groups.

3. All Malaysians only known as Malaysians and not be identified by race.

4. Press trustworthy: able to trust what one read in the newspapers daily & e-news, no cover-up no exaggeration.

5. People have confidence in the democratic system and all other agencies.

These are the thoughts, I believe, with persistent and believe, we will achieve !!


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