07 July 2010

The Beauty of Chinese Words 只有'漢'字才能做得到!

I received this mail, the beauty of Chinese writing is well expressed by using the Chinese characters in the following drawings.

A flying Eagle(Tercel), using 4 Chinese words i.e Male''on left wing,eagle''on right wing, flying''are the claws and tail.

An old man, using 4 Chinese words i.e. longevity''is the forehead & scalp, hundred years ''is the chin & neck.

Lion, Male''is the head; lion'' is the body.

The beautiful girl, beautiful'美丽'is the hair on scalp,'' is the face, girl'姑娘' is the hair on shoulder.

Naughty little Boy, naughty''is the hair, little ''is the eyes and nose, boy ''is the neck and shoulder.

Bear, bear''is the whole bear.

Tang monk ( a character in story), Tang '' is the hat and face while monk ''is the body.

Crab, crab'' is the crab.

The Monkey King,''is the head, '' the body, '空' the legs.

The beautiful home town,'美丽的家乡'make up the whole picture.



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