28 May 2011

True Colour

I read "SAPP's Yong miffed by Kit Siang's public ridicule" in today (May 28, 11 5:47pm) Malaysiakini.

I was not surprised at all that Lim Kiat Siang is doing this to SAPP, after all, through history, there were many times he used 'words' on his members once they decided to leave him. But I am surprised that a veteran politician like Sabah Progressive Party(SAPP) president Dato Yong Teck Lee said he was surprised by the harsh way DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang attacked SAPP.

Dato Yong, you should know very well, if you plan to merge with DAP, then you can take your time, just like Lim Kit Siong can patiently waiting for SNAP to decide whether interested to merge with DAP.

After SNAP stood 3 corners fight with PKR in recent Sarawak State Election, Lim Kit Siang must have believe that PKR should not demanded him to take SNAP as 'enemy'. After all, DAP's future is more important than the future of PAKATAN. Even though SNAP turned him down but no harsh words from him; because SNAP is the hope for DAP to expand in Sarawak and will help DAP to be 'truly' multi-racial.

Dato Yong, since Pakatan 'Taiko' said that PKR is holding talks with you; though that will strengthen the 'trouble' PKR, but the possibility of you joining PKR is getting on LKS nerve.

SNAP has not given LKS the green light yet, and here you may merge with PKR. How can? You spoilt LKS dream! Because once Sarawak SNAP is convinced to join DAP, DAP become 'truly' multi-racial, DAP then has the chance to become Pakatan 'Taiko".

Why should LKS let you merge with PKR and let PKR grow stronger? Wishful thinking is that after the harsh words on you, kerana you jaga 'muka', you will not continue the 'merging' talk with PKR. So, how can you expect LKS to be nice to you?

So, true colour reveal !!

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  1. how can you expect LKS to be nice to you?