28 April 2013

The interesting scene

I posted this link in my FB,
The Johor DAP No.2 man urging voters to reject PAS, so LGE what say you????


& received comments as followed:

Poh Tiong Ho: was he paid by a black buaya to say such rubbish?

Yeap Chee Seng: How much was he promised to say such thing?

Lim Khan San Apa sudah jadi ?

Ong Chong Swen The interesting fact here is anyone said against PR is assumed been paid, then this ex-UMNO strong man talked good about PR Selangor MB "Ex-Selangor MB full of praise for Khalid", is he been paid??

KUALA LUMPUR Former Selangor Menteri Besar Muhammad
Ex-S'gor MB full of praise for Khalid

www.malaysiakini.com http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/228266

Ex-MB Muhammad Muhammad Taib says Khalid Ibrahim spends public funds prudently and also supports Anwar Ibrahim for PM.

Yeap Chee Seng:  The bottom line is trust.

Poh Tiong Ho:  Opposition leaders don't have money in Swiss banks because they never have the chance to plunder; so they are not able to pay people to act; but the others, I heard one of them had over USD 22 billions

Ong Chong Swen: Agreed, bottom line is trust. The immediate task is to build trust so that the rakyat is willing to give opportunity to prove.

Yeap Chee Seng: BN has been in power since independence. I am sure they have a lot of trust for running a clean government.

Poh Tiong Ho: but so far, there was never a clean government

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